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Glass Patio Enclosures

How do you enjoy the comfort of your backyard year round without the extreme temperatures and pesky insects? Simple - install a glass patio. Glass patio, glass enclosure, sun porch, whatever you choose to call it, they all offer the same simple pleasures of the sun. This is an excellent space idea, especially for individuals suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as winter depression. More exposure to available sunlight boosts specific chemicals in the brain responsible for these winter blues. The uses for these spaces vary from home to home to person to person. Here are just some of the purposes these versatile rooms can be used for:

Seasonal Sunroom/Porch:

A sun room or porch is a structure constructed into the side of a building giving exposure to the sun and allows enjoyment of surrounding landscape while sheltering the observer from various weather elements. Generally, these are screened in porches in which glass windows have been added as a means of including or excluding outside elements. These rooms are generally heated and cooled via the natural ventilation, fans and small ceramic heaters. Costs for adding on a sunroom begin around $5000.

Lanai/Patio (Knee-Wall Rooms):

This patio structure is most often furnished and used as a living room. There are a variety of uses for lanai’s and patio, including spaces of sanctuary as well as spaces of reading. Aptly named ‘knee-wall rooms’ the wall that rises from the ground to knee height. The wall structure allows the placement of electrical outlets and, often times, air vents. Costs for installing a patio of your own begin around $10,000.

Solarium or Conservatory:

These rooms allow panoramic views of the surroundings. This is excellent for watching birds and other wildlife in your back yard from the comfort of your home. These rooms are installed with insulated glass and typically are air conditioned for use all year long. Typically, the entire structure is made of glass. Generally, the eaves come in two styles, curved or straight.

Generally, these structures can be framed with aluminum, PVC, clad and wood. While wood framing provides a more authentic appearance, PVC is an excellent insulator and inexpensive material which provides durability.

There are several options available with regards to the window glass, including: single and double- glazed, triple paned, Argon filled and tempered. Which glass is right for your application depends entirely on your budget, climate and use.

Things to Remember!

Before you move forward with your glass patio enclosure, view home improvement magazines and search online. Be sure to compile a list of what you want, including pictures from other structures which you’d like to model your new patio exposure after. This will greatly aid your contractor as well as give you focus on what you want. Before talking with your contractor, write out a list of what the room MUST have and what you’d LIKE the room to include. Sometimes sacrifices have to be made when remodeling. This way you can make sure the bare necessities of your requests are not compromised when decisions have to be made.